Dia’s Secret Makeup Tips

OMG! Dia Mirza looks so gorgeous and her makeup is always so flawless. Hold your breadth as she is here to show you how to pull off a dewy makeup look this summer. Its her signature makeup style! Watch as she transforms herself with an almost-natural look.

Sevai Kheer Recipe

Sevai Kheer is a classic dessert. It is easy to make and taste delicious. Star chef Ruchi Bharani teaches how to make this simple recipe, in a quick step by step manner. This Eid you know how to prefect your sevai kheer!

Weight loss Yoga

Losing weight can be quiet a daunting task. If you are looking for exercises to loose weight… Here are 5 simple and best yoga asanas. They are very effective in losing belly fat. Bhujangasana, viprattrikona asanas, vasistha asanas, camatkar asanas, and plank pose. Practice daily for a flatter tummy.