Divya Glowing Skin Secret!

Divya Khosla Kumar, wife of T-series head – Bhushan Kumar, always has that luminous glow on her face!! Want to know her secret?? Well, here is the beautiful actress turned director herself, talking about her skin care regime!! From cleansing to the pampering that goes into maintaining her skin, she demonstrates it all! Watch on to get a glimpse of Divya’s skin care favourites and her DIY skin care home remedies.

Pizza Paratha & Fruit Yogurt

Looking for a new lunch box idea for your kids?? Here is a healthy lunch box idea. Pizza paratha or “quesadilla” and Fruit yogurt!! Pizza paratha has the goodness of wheat and vegetables, while fruit yogurt is rich in fruits. A perfect combination, and we bet kids will love them too!! Try them out.

L- Learner

There is no age to learn. L is story of a woman, who wants to learn to ride a scooter… much to the trepidation of her husband and son. Will she be able to learn?? Watch this inspiring short story of a woman who learns to ride cycle against all odds.

This post is a blast from the past. One of the most watched videos on UNWIND app!

Slim Waist Exercises

We all dream of that hourglass figure, slim waist and flat abs. The secret to a slim waist lies in the type of exercise that you do. Here are the best exercises to reduce fat and flab around the torso and waist area. All you need is one solid stick and you are good to go. Do these simple exercises daily for a slimmer waist.

Manchow Soup | Recipe

Indo Chinese cuisine is incomplete without mouth watering and tasty Manchow Soup!! It is very nutritious, as it contains celery, vegetables like carrots, capsicum and cauliflowers. You can also add mushrooms. But many of us don’t know how to make it the right way. Watch how to make Manchow Soup from star chef Ruchi Bharani. She has a unique way of making the soup, by caramelization of sugar, check it out.


Here are the Busbys! The proud parents of 6 girls!! Big sister Blayke and the Only ALL GIRL QUINTUPLETS in the United States. This was the father Buzz’s birthday with all the babies at home. It was a special moment when the dad was cutting the cake with his adorable girls. But as he blew the candles…. the reactions from the babies was priceless!! Watch it, we bet it will definitely melt your heart!!

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Hair tends to act really pricey in the humid weather. Hair fall and frizzy hair are two of the most common problems during this time. Hairstylist, Noella Pereira shares some of her secrets. Things like how to shampoo and condition hair the right way to foods you should eat in order to stop your hair from losing it’s natural volume and shine. She has 6 useful hair care tips that’ll keep your tresses healthy and shiny all year round.

Khaney Mein Kya Hai?

Why should men always decide what should be there for dinner?? We women also have tastes! A daughter is back from her honeymoon and discusses details of her honeymoon with her mother over cooking. The invisible moral wall between the two doesn’t allow them to use the #[email protected] word at all. What ensues, is a delightful dance around the obvious, using only food puns. A must watch!!

Disco Disco | Song

The hottest new jodi of Bollywood, Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandes bring back the “Disco”. The party anthem “Disco Disco” from their upcoming movie “A Gentleman – Sundar, Susheel, Risky” is here. Wear your Disco shoes and let’s get the party started with this groovy number!