Slimming Soup

Snuggle up with this slimming soup this winter. It is packed with fiber and healthy ingredients to help you lose weight. Learn how to make this recipe from chef Shantanu Gupte with inputs from celebrity nutritionist Dr.Anjali Mukerjee. Do try out this delicious and healthy soup.

Tawa Pulao

Wondering what to do with the left over rice? Watch as Chef Ruchi Bharani makes super tasty and spicy tawa pulao from the left over rice!! It’s a mix of boiled rice tossed with assorted vegetables, whole spices, pav bhaji masala, garnished with fresh coriander. Do try this recipe.

Dry Fruits For Kids

Dry fruits are extremely rich sources of minerals and proteins. Including dry fruits in your kid’s diet can boost his overall growth and development. If your fussy kid finds it difficult to chew these healthy nuts, you can even grind and serve them in the form of a fine powder.
To find out more about benefits of dry fruits, click on the link below:

Pizza Canapes Bites!

Pizza Canapes are like mini pizzas. These serve as quick and tasty party appetizers. Kids absolutely love them, so are perfect for birthday parties too. Learn how to make pizza canapes from food vlogger Kanak. She has used creamy vegetable but nothing stops you from adding toppings of your choice.

Reuse Summer Clothes!

Hi girls!! Our wardrobe is full of summer outfits, right?? Reuse these outfits this winter by layering them up. Check out as fashion stylist Komal and Ankita tell us the innovative ways to revamp and reuse summer clothes. Now your wardrobe can be seen in a whole new way!!

Lemon & Coriander Soup

Here is a simple and quick lemon-and-coriander clear soup recipe to enjoy this winter season. This soup is loaded with nutrients from veggies like carrots and cabbage and has all the goodness of Vitamin C from lemon. Do try out this delicious and healthy soup, by Tarla Dalal, for your loved ones.

Tandoori Vegetables

Tandoori vegetable recipe is undoubtedly everyone’s favourite. The flavours of vegetables cooked in tandoori style is what beats every other tandoori recipe. This vegetarian recipe can be served as a starter and looks great with loads of colours. It is not only easy to make but healthy too. Learn how to make Tandoori vegetables with chef Varun Inamdar only on Rajshri Food.

Healthy Veg Buns

Finding ideas for kids lunch box or snack is a very challenging task for many mums, especially when the kids are fussy or demanding. Here is a very simple and healthy recipe… Buns topped with suji and veggies! You can also add cheese and sauce to add to the flavor. Do try them out.

No Oven Tandoori Chicken

A unique No Oven Tandoori Chicken Recipe!! Food vlogger and chef Bharat explain steps by steps method to make roasted Afghani chicken at home without a tandoor. Secret is to marinate the chicken with a piece of smoking charcoal, to get the authentic tandoor flavor. A must watch.

Corn Pulao

Corn Pulao is a super nutritive dish. Apart from being truly diabetic friendly, it is a great source of fibre and protein. Rich in flavour and nutrition, Shilpa Shetty’s Corn Pulao recipe is a must try. Although she has used Payasa, a kind of gluten free rice, you can use normal rice too.

Badam Burfi | Recipe

Badam Barfi is a rich and healthy sweet recipe made of almond, ghee and sugar. This tantalizing almond barfi can be prepared for any festival or fast (vrat) instantly. Celebrate the joyous festival of Diwali with delicious and delightful Badam Burfi. Make the yummy Indian sweet at home along with star chef Ruchi.