Weight loss Yoga

Losing weight can be quiet a daunting task. If you are looking for exercises to loose weight… Here are 5 simple and best yoga asanas. They are very effective in losing belly fat. Bhujangasana, viprattrikona asanas, vasistha asanas, camatkar asanas, and plank pose. Practice daily for a flatter tummy.

Wedding Season Workout

Hi girls, wedding season is here!! And so is the time to look pretty in those gorgeous dresses. Looking to get that perfect figure to flaunt this season? Fitness and pilates expert Anushka Zaveri has the perfect workout for you – Burpees. These are a fat-burning body exercise that you can do anywhere and works extremely well in toning your body. Try them out and get that toned body in no time!!

Improve Ur Haemoglobin!

India is facing an alarming health issue as over 51% of women are anaemic (Global Nutrition Report 2017). Always remember that maintaining your haemoglobin level is indispensable to your health, and a deficiency can have adverse outcomes. So, it is important to include adequate amounts of iron, vitamins C, vitamins B12 and folate in your routine diet.

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Harmful Fast Food

Do you like to eat fast foods, and gorge on them a lot? It is not surprising as processed foods such as cold drinks, caned juices etc have a high sugar content, which make them hyper rewarding. This makes them very addictive. So much so that the fast food addiction has become a major reason of obesity now a days. It is important to know that processed foods are bad for your health and it is best that you avoid them as much as you can.

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Belly Fat Drink!!

Tired of a bulging belly… The reason may lie in our diet or in our hormonal health. Clinical dietician Dr. Shreya shares a magic drink that will help reduce the belly fat in just 7 days, that too without any diet!! Sip on this magic drink and keep those calories off your waistline.

Guavas In Winter!

Winter is the season for Guavas or Amrood. Powerhouse of several nutrients, it also contains antioxidants and dietary fibre. The fruit vitamin C present and boosts immunity. Not only these, it contains the same amount of potassium as is present in the banana.

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Drink Milk Right Way

Milk is good for health. We all also have heard about the age old saying, not to stand while drinking milk. There are even some scientific reasons, according to which drinking milk in a sitting position is better and healthier than drinking it while standing. According to Ayurveda, you must ensure that you are drinking milk in the right posture.
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Best & Worst Cookwares

Healthy cooking doesn’t only means making nutritious food, it also means cooking in the right type of utensils. Here is renowned nutritionist Dr. Shreya, discussing which utensils to use and which ones to avoid. Like plastics and aluminium must be avoided, where as earthen pots and steel are safe. Watch the video to find out healthier way of cooking.

Tighten Loose Skin

Having to contend with loose skin after a weight loss is very disappointing. You may feel like you’ve won in one area and lost in another. There are some natural ways that can increase your skin’s elasticity and tighten the areas in need. To find out more, click on the link below:

On Air pollution

Delhi has become one of the most polluted cities in the world. Children are more prone to air borne diseases than adults because their organs are underdeveloped and weak. Here is an article of TOI, which talks about ways to protect your child from harmful effects of polluted air.
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