Harmful Effects Of Gadgets

Kids use gadgets for playing games, chatting, browsing or watching movies. The activity is usually so involving that they don’t take their attention off the screen. They also don’t pay attention to things like posture, screen distance, which can adversely affect their vision and health.

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Teaching Kids About Money

Money is not everything in life, but it is something we cannot live without. Education gives your children the credentials and skills to earn money, but it does not always teach them how to manage money. But as a parent, we need to teach our kids just the same. Here, MomJunction shares tips and tricks for teaching kids about money.

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Excessive Menstrual Bleeding?

Many women suffer from “Menorrhagia”, heavy or prolonged bleeding during the bleeding phase of a menstrual cycle. Heavier blood loss may lead to reduced blood levels in the body, causing anemia and weakness. Natural ingredients like ginger, fenugreek and herbs (like parsley) play an important role in alleviating the cramps and help in reducing the heavier blood flow.

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How To Make Kids Listen…

As a parents we all have faced this problem… Kids just won’t listen. And so was Vicki, a parent herself, she tried finding an amicable solution to this issue. After much research she has come up with her own tried and tested methods. For instance when in argument with your child, try to tell them the reason why they should do it and then let them take the decision.

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Chhuri | Story

Pati, patani and woh… the same old story with a new age twist!! Watch Tisca Chopra in and as ‘Chhuri’. It is the story of a wife who is tired of her husband’s affairs and decides to settle scores with his mistress. But this does not involve any threats or harsh words, it is smart, clever and subtle just as a shrp chhuri…



Stop Comparing Ur Kid

Comparison is a common approach to ascertain the performance of your child. But is this working for your child?
No two children are the same, as they have different talents and strengths. Practically speaking, parents can either build or break the confidence and self esteem of their child.

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Probiotics For Kids

Research says that children between the age of 2-12 are at a high risk of contracting infections. They also require additional sources of minerals and vitamins. Including probiotics in your child’s diet can help boost his immune system and speed up the growth process. But, which probiotics are best for them? What criteria should you keep in mind before selecting one?

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Battle of the Boards

Today, children have more choices in education in picking a curriculum. However it can be a little confusing for a parent as to which curriculum is right for your child, as there is no ‘one size fits all’. Whether to choose from C.B.S.E., I.C.S.E. or State board? and What about I.G. broad? Here is an article about pros and cons of each board and what they offer.

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