Bang Baaja Baarat | E3

It is sangeet ceremony at the wedding of Sahana and Pawan. A new story unfolds when Sahana’s mom comes with a handsome man, who is in a complicated relationship. To know more, watch episode 3 of the original web-series by Y-films.

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Bang Baaja Baaraat | E 2

Shahana’s friends have planned a wild bachelorette party for her. At the same time, Shahana’s would-be in-laws have also planned a marriage ritual. Will the groom manage the situation?? To find out.. watch Episode 2 (of 5).

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Bang Baaja Baaraat | E1

“Bang Baaja Baaraat”, is the original Y-Films web series. It is the story of two crazy families and one mental wedding. A small town boy meets a metro girl and the sparks flew. They plan a destination wedding and INVITE their parents… What happens next is crazy. Watch the episode – 1 of this web comedy !

Respecting Elders

Here is some refreshing light comedy by standup comedian Abhishek. Among other things he questions the reason behind the famous phrase “respect your elders”.. something that we have all been hearing since our childhood and also telling our children. Well to find out why we should do so, watch this video!!

Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages typically involves lot of rounds of ‘ladki/ladka dekhna’… which are often very stressful. If you had such experience, this hilarious trending video may give a comic relief. Actors Taapsee Pannu (of ‘Pink’) and Amit Sadh (of ‘Kai Poe Che’), star as prospective brides and grooms of these times. Here are six typical people one may meet on the hunt for your soulmate. Statuary warning: miss at your on risk!!

Delhi Vs Mumbai

Here is Abhimanyu a budding startup comedian. He is from Delhi now settled in Mumbai. His latest funny video on delhites vs mumbaikars has gone viral on you tube! Watch as he shares his experiences- be it polite mumbaikars in locals, or rich girls of south Mumbai… in this hilarious video. A must watch.

Shaadi Ki Taiyari!!

Here is a hilarious take on wedding prep aka “Shaadi Ki Taiyari”!! It is funny how invitations list are made, more importantly deciding on who to exclude. And how people decide menu to show off. Enjoy how boys go through “pre-wedding jitters”. We are sure that many us can relate to such “taiyari”.

Weight Loss Woes!!

So you have been overeating these vacations… And reached a point, when you realized that you have put on a few extra kilos!! Scoop Whoop brings to you a hilarious take on things, only a person who’s trying to lose weight can understand. Let’s face it, weight loss is an uphill task. With so many distractions and so much to eat, how can you lose that flab? It’s just not fair!!