Paneer & Cheese Cigars

An easy and irresistible snack, made by rolling paneer and cheese mixture into spring roll sheets, and deep-frying the cigar-shaped rolls. These cigars are handily sized appetizers, making them perfect to serve at cocktail parties. An easy and delicious recipe from master chef Sanjeev Kapoor!

Simple Summer Drinks

What to serve something cool to your guests this summer? Why serve unhealthy soft drinks?? Food vlogger Nishaji has three refreshing and cool drinks to offer- cold coffee, iced lemon tea and green tea. Charm your guests this summer with these easy to make beverages and become super host!!

Chocolate Strawberries

Hi girls,do you want to surprise your loved ones with some thing unique and delicious this valentine? Create an easy, impressive dessert by dipping juicy strawberries in sweet chocolate. Prepared easily in minutes… learn to make Chocolate Strawberries with starchef Ruchi Bharani.

Smart Kitchen Products!!

Smart women need smart kitchen products!! Here are some of the most innovative and helpful products from Amazon. Butter cutter, dicer and much more. Check them out!!
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Innovative kitchen products!!


Household One Click Stick Butter Cutter with Stainless Steel Blade

The one-click butter cutter holds and slices butter into pats with just a squeeze.
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Ganesh Vegetable Dicer,12 Cutting Blades, Green

Fastest, safest and easiest way to chop or dice fruits and vegetables. Advanced “push to clean” button which ensures easy cleaning. Shop from Amazon @55% off!!





Insasta Plastic Vegetable/ Rice Wash Sieve Washing Bowl Colander (Big)

Innovative way to wash and sieve food items!! Can be used as a rice washer, mixing bowl or just a colander/strainer. Also can be used for storage. Click BUY button to shop from Amazon website/app!




Collapsible and Easy to Store Silicone Funnel for Kitchen

Made of Food-Grade silicone. Ideal for transferring liquids. Oil, heat and cold resistant. Collapsible design for easy and convenient storage. BUY from Amazon @50% OFF!!.





‘House of Quirk’ Dual Side Folding Kitchen Hanging Bags Sink Caddy

Made of high quality material(COLOR AS PER AVAILABILITY). Adjustable strap hangs sink caddy from kitchen sink faucet and fits most standard faucets. Drain holes design sink caddy keep kitchen sponges,scrubbers dry and clean. Now at 38% Off!




Belly Fat Drink!!

Tired of a bulging belly… The reason may lie in our diet or in our hormonal health. Clinical dietician Dr. Shreya shares a magic drink that will help reduce the belly fat in just 7 days, that too without any diet!! Sip on this magic drink and keep those calories off your waistline.

Nacho Fries!

We all love parties!! Without delicious food no party is complete. Here is a unique and easy starters “Nachos fries”, especially for those parties which comes without an invitation. A better fries topped with pico-de-gallo salsa and loaded with cheese. This New Year, get ready to amaze your guests with this unique recipe from chef Upasana.

Palak With A Twist!

“Palak Mushroom Baby Corn Masala” recipe is a unique combination of three vegetables- spinach, mushroom and baby corn. Learn this healthy and delicious recipe from chef Shantanu Gupte with weight loss advice from celebrity nutritionist Dr.Anjali Mukerjee. It goes well with roti, kulcha and rice.

Chocolate Plum Cake

Plums and chocolate – this is a cake that really celebrates the festive season. Enjoy it with your mid-morning coffee or serve it warm for dessert topped with ice cream. The choice is yours but you surely can’t resist this one during Christmas! Learn how to make classic Chocolate Plum Cake at home this Christmas by Chef Upasana.

Slimming Soup

Snuggle up with this slimming soup this winter. It is packed with fiber and healthy ingredients to help you lose weight. Learn how to make this recipe from chef Shantanu Gupte with inputs from celebrity nutritionist Dr.Anjali Mukerjee. Do try out this delicious and healthy soup.

Tawa Pulao

Wondering what to do with the left over rice? Watch as Chef Ruchi Bharani makes super tasty and spicy tawa pulao from the left over rice!! It’s a mix of boiled rice tossed with assorted vegetables, whole spices, pav bhaji masala, garnished with fresh coriander. Do try this recipe.

Pizza Canapes Bites!

Pizza Canapes are like mini pizzas. These serve as quick and tasty party appetizers. Kids absolutely love them, so are perfect for birthday parties too. Learn how to make pizza canapes from food vlogger Kanak. She has used creamy vegetable but nothing stops you from adding toppings of your choice.

Lemon & Coriander Soup

Here is a simple and quick lemon-and-coriander clear soup recipe to enjoy this winter season. This soup is loaded with nutrients from veggies like carrots and cabbage and has all the goodness of Vitamin C from lemon. Do try out this delicious and healthy soup, by Tarla Dalal, for your loved ones.