Beauty Food Guide

You’ve heard the expression “You are what you eat,” and to a large extent, that’s actually true. Here’s what you should eat for a healthy skin and beautiful hair. Dietitian Drishthi shares her beauty food guide. She explains how green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits add youth to your skin. How bell peppers help in hair growth, and how nuts are good for scalp… For such and more tips do check it out.

Shape Your Chin

If you have a double chin, you may have tried all tricks to hide a it. While there are surgical procedures that can eliminate a double chin, they can be quite expensive. But worry no more. Here is a list of super-effective exercises to deal with all your double chin woes!

Belly Blasting Breakfast Tips

Rujuta Diwekar is the world famous nutritionist, who need no introduction. Karishma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan are few of noted celebrities who are on her client list. She rejects any fad diets and advocates healthy diet for weight loss. Here are few of her breakfast tips. A healthier way to start your day and cut those belly fat too!!

The Lehenga Workout!!

Hi girls, festive season is here!! And so is the time to look pretty in those gorgeous lehenga cholis. Looking to get that perfect figure to flaunt this season?? Fitness and pilates expert Sheetal Shah has the perfect workout to fire up those abs!! Try out these 3 quick and easy pilate moves…it will make you lehenga ready in no time!!

Jacqueline’s Diet!

The stunning Jacqueline Fernandez is often known for her fit and fabulous body. Jacquline Fernandez is one of the fittest actresses we have in Bollywood. Here is a lowdown of what she eats in a day and does to stay fit! Check out the video for all the fitness tips and inspiration courtesy Jacqueline Fernandez.