Amazing HulaHoop

A young woman proved hula hooping isn’t just for kids!! Talented Brookelynn Bley, 22, started hooping after being inspired by her friend’s impressive hula hoop skills. The budding athlete woke at 5am every day to practice before work and after when she gets home – totalling up to four hours daily. Her videos have become quite a sensation on Instagram. She got skills!!


Meet the 12-year-old singing prodigy Sparsh Shah (aka Purhythm)!! He was born with an incurable disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, that made his bones extremely brittle, so much so that he had to be confined to wheel chair. Sparsh made news when he released a video singing the Eminem’s hit song ‘Not afraid’. The video was twitted by Eminem himself and went viral. Watch Sparsh pay homage to his favorite artist with an Indian classical twist !!

This Women’s Day…

Microsoft Inc. decided to celeberate International Women’s Day with difference. In this videos school girls are asked to name inventors, and after that to name female inventors. Their reply will surprise you… how little we know about female inventors. A tribute to the women inventors, how they’ve changed the world, and are inspiring the next generation!!