How To Pose In A Saree!

Wearing a saree is an art! If not draped in a proper manner the same saree can completely ruin your look. Worry not… as Supermodel and professional photographer Parmeeta is here to save your day. Follow her tips and learn to look taller, leaner and more photogenic next time whenever you face a camera in a saree.

Look Cute In Winter!

Without the accessories, any winter look will be incomplete. Former Miss India Asia Pacific and super model Parmita, shares her tips on how accessories and colors could elevate your winter look!! Scarves alone can create so many looks. Check out the video and look glamorous like never before this winter.

Face Yoga!

We all want that sculpted face and chiseled jawline. Who better than former Miss India Asia Pacific and model Parmita, to teach the facial exercises for that chiseled look!! Learn these face firming exercises to sculpt your cheekbones in a few weeks. These exercises also reduce cheek fat and face puffiness for a gorgeous you!

Styling Tips To Look Slim!

Dresses are so much in vogue now a days. But many of us struggle with them, because our stomach looks fat in these dresses. Former Miss India and fashion photographer Parmita shares her styling tips about how to hide that muffin top. So its time to say good bye to belly fat and start looking skinny on waist just by dressing right.

Posing for Pics

We are living in the age of smart phones and selfies! Many of us struggle to strike the right pose in front of a camera. For someone who has been Miss India Asia Pacific, model and now a photographer, Parmita is here to share some great tips that help in getting a better picture. So next time when you go to a photobooth, make sure to use her tips.