Valentines Day Dresses

Valentine day is round the corner. We all have one anxiety inducing thought, “What am I going to wear?” Here are 4 gorgeous date looks, that will sweep him off his feet. Whether you are going for a brunch date or a candle light dinner, you need to make a head-turning statement and here is how. Take a look.

Indian Jewellery Hacks

You are ready with your dress, hairstyle and makeup!! Wait, did you forget to arrange for a matching jewellery?? Style expert Upalina shows us how one can make a maang tikka from a necklace and many such other jewellery hacks. So get ready to rock that indo-western fusion look with some dazzling jewellery this wedding season.

Trending Dupatta Styles!!

No matter how good your lehenga looks, if you don’t drape the dupatta nicely, justice will not be served to your outfit!! Fashion expert Upallina, brings five latest dupatta draping styles that will change the lehenga game forever! From saree dupatta to jacket style, try out these trending ways to style your dupatta, and add glamour to your lehenga this diwali.

Style A Dungaree!!

Dungarees have become a latest bollywood trend. From Katrina to Priyanka, everyone is wearing them!! Let’s see how you can rock them too. Try out retro look with a polka dot blouse, or pair it up with a nautical tee, to look cool and casual. Give your wardrobe a trendy twist by styling your overalls in these 5 super easy ways!

Healthy Vagina Tips

We are sure all you lovely ladies out there take really good care of your health, right? But are you also paying enough attention to your vagina? Maintaining a healthy vagina is equally very important. So here are a few hygiene tips for a happy, healthy vagina that every girl should know… Follow these simple rules everyday to keep your vagina healthy, always!

How To Apply Blush

Blush is the perfect way to add that bit of colour to your face. When applied properly, it can give the face a chiseled look. Many of us are not so confident about applying a blush. Well, don’t worry as celebrity makeup artist Angie, shows how to apply blush. These makeup tips will ensure you always get that perfect rosy look!

Hairstyles For Farewell

One thing that every 12th grader looked forward too (despite board exams pressure) is the “Farewell party”. They want to look their best and as moms the pressure build on us. Here is an important tip, while sarees may be the center of attraction, hairstyles too need attention. And to help you in that, here are two easy and gorgeous Indian hairstyles that will go perfectly with sarees and will help your daughter complete the look.

Outfits For Bride’s Sister

Dear “sister’s of the bride-to-be”, we know you are stressed and want to look fab on wedding of your sis. To ease your wedding frenzy, fashion editors from popxo have some exciting ideas and trends to try out this season. So worry not and look fabulous when your sister gets hitched.

How To Apply Concealer

Be it dark circles or pimples, concealer is the one product that can help you hide them all for a flawless look! If you have dry skin opt for creamy concealer, while those with oily skin must use liquid concealers. Makeup expert Angie shares many such other tips. Everything that you ever needed to know, about applying a concealer. Check it out.