Chocolate Strawberries

Hi girls,do you want to surprise your loved ones with some thing unique and delicious this valentine? Create an easy, impressive dessert by dipping juicy strawberries in sweet chocolate. Prepared easily in minutes… learn to make Chocolate Strawberries with starchef Ruchi Bharani.

Nacho Fries!

We all love parties!! Without delicious food no party is complete. Here is a unique and easy starters “Nachos fries”, especially for those parties which comes without an invitation. A better fries topped with pico-de-gallo salsa and loaded with cheese. This New Year, get ready to amaze your guests with this unique recipe from chef Upasana.

Chocolate Plum Cake

Plums and chocolate – this is a cake that really celebrates the festive season. Enjoy it with your mid-morning coffee or serve it warm for dessert topped with ice cream. The choice is yours but you surely can’t resist this one during Christmas! Learn how to make classic Chocolate Plum Cake at home this Christmas by Chef Upasana.

Tawa Pulao

Wondering what to do with the left over rice? Watch as Chef Ruchi Bharani makes super tasty and spicy tawa pulao from the left over rice!! It’s a mix of boiled rice tossed with assorted vegetables, whole spices, pav bhaji masala, garnished with fresh coriander. Do try this recipe.

Tandoori Vegetables

Tandoori vegetable recipe is undoubtedly everyone’s favourite. The flavours of vegetables cooked in tandoori style is what beats every other tandoori recipe. This vegetarian recipe can be served as a starter and looks great with loads of colours. It is not only easy to make but healthy too. Learn how to make Tandoori vegetables with chef Varun Inamdar only on Rajshri Food.

Badam Burfi | Recipe

Badam Barfi is a rich and healthy sweet recipe made of almond, ghee and sugar. This tantalizing almond barfi can be prepared for any festival or fast (vrat) instantly. Celebrate the joyous festival of Diwali with delicious and delightful Badam Burfi. Make the yummy Indian sweet at home along with star chef Ruchi.

Varai Pulao | Navratri

Sama or Varai is also commonly called as “vrat ke chawal”. Since during fasting we abstain from cereal grains, we use samvat or sama grains instead of rice. So make your Navratri Vrat more special, by making the delicious and appetizing “Varai Pulao”. This Pulao is wonderful in taste and adds great variety and nutrition to your diet. So with Chef Anushruti learn how to make the tempting and divine Varai Pulao.

Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta is a classic North Indian main course dish originated from the Mughlai cuisine. Chef Ruchi Bharani brings to you this delectable, classic north Indian dish which can be served with naans or rotis, rice and pulav. It is a rich dish perfect for parties and special occasions.

Kiwi Shots!!

Parties and mock-tails are an inseparable combination!! Serving shots at your parties is one sure way of impressing your guests. Chef Ruchi Bharani is up with the recipe of chilled kiwi shots. These shots are refreshingly tasty and the beautiful light green colour makes it even more irresistible. Try them out!

Rava Modak | Recipe

Ganesh Chathurthi is here.. and it is never complete without a plateful of modaks!! Be creative and try a different modak this time – rava / sooji modak. Star chef Ruchi Bharani shows how to make these at home. With filling of anjeer and rich in dry fruits, it will please lord Ganesha!

Pasta With a Twist!

What’s nutritious, delicious and easy to make?? PASTA!! Kids just love them. Here is a pasta recipe from star chef Ruchi Bharani but with a twist. She makes it in both red and white sauce. Surprise your kids with this extremely delicious pasta dish. We bet they will love it.

Manchow Soup | Recipe

Indo Chinese cuisine is incomplete without mouth watering and tasty Manchow Soup!! It is very nutritious, as it contains celery, vegetables like carrots, capsicum and cauliflowers. You can also add mushrooms. But many of us don’t know how to make it the right way. Watch how to make Manchow Soup from star chef Ruchi Bharani. She has a unique way of making the soup, by caramelization of sugar, check it out.

Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

Sandwiches are always a bliss specially for mothers who can assemble it anytime with little tweak and make a variety of them for their little ones. Watch chef Anushruti’s version of Paneer Bhurji Sandwich that will surely leave your kid wanting for more. You can use the paneer bhurji filling even with rotis and wraps, when you don’t have bread on hand.

Smoked Chaas

Summers are here… which means its time to relish glasses of chilled drinks. Well, what better way to beat the heat than with the traditional drink – chaas!! Chef Ruchi Bharani adds a twist to the regular chaas. Apart from tadka, she shows a unique way to add smokey flavour to it. Enjoy this quick-to-make refreshing chaas after a tiring day.

Homemade Frankie Recipe

We all love street food, don’t we? But eating outside food on regular basis may not be good for your health. You can always make some of these street food at home. In quick and easy steps, learn to how make popular street food “veg frankie” at home, with chef Varun Inamdar.

Vegetable Spring rolls

Vegetable spring rolls are the famous Indo chinese recipe. They are prepared by taking thin ready made frozen pastry sheets, and filling them up with cabbage, carrot and other vegetables filling. They are served as starters with sweet chilly sauce. Learn how to make ‘Spring rolls’ as well as the yummy ‘Chilly sauce’ with chef Varun Inamdar.